Guernsey Fisherman’s Wool Sweater (Available only in store)

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Guernsey Fisherman’s Wool Sweater

(Available only in store Skånegatan 83 - Stockholm)

For generations, the Guernsey wool sweater has kept its fishermen warm on the North Sea. It is made from 100% tightly woven worsted wool – a slick wool which keeps out the wind and rain. Every sweater is finished by hand and signed by the knitter. The traditional design is unisex, has a stand-up half collar and no defined front or back – according to legend for making the sweater easy to put on in the dark.

Navy - Red - Stripe

  • 100% worsted wool
  • Individually finished by hand

Hey there, wool lover! This fantastic sweater is unfortunately only available in our physical store. Pop in and we’ll hook you up!