Kidur La Train Jacket Indigo

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La train is back, we will receive a few exemplar at the shop, ETA 15/10.

Known since 1935 for their ultra-longevity workwear, Kidur represents the very best of French craftsmanship. L’Usine Bleue is very proud to be the only retailer in Europe to carry @Kidur!

La Train is one of our favourite pieces in the store – a beautiful overshirt inspired by a French train conductors uniform. It is made from 60% recycled and 40% new, eco cotton. The colour is achieved by stirring the cloth with 100% natural indigo, sugar, water and builders’ lime. It is then air-faded outdoors to a lighter blue.

  • Open, overstitched collar
  • Buttons up with four brass buttons, eyelet buttonholes
  • Double-swen round patch pockets, reinforced at the opening with diagonal bar tacks
  • Double-stitched round pockets, reinforced at the opening, with diagonal bar tacks
  • Right chest pocket with button flap
  • Cuffs with split, reinforced bar tack stitching, adjustable buttoning with diagonal buttonholes
  • Double-stitched traditional chain stitching with 100% cotton thread
  • Fabric : 60% recycled cotton and 40% organic cotton, 295 gr/m2 woven in France by Tissus Calvet
  • Machine wash recommended upon delivery to soften and relax the fiber