L'Usine Bleue

Handpicked, classic worker’s wear made in France

There’s at least one in everyone’s closet. That shirt or sweater you reach for more often than the others. Those clothes often share a common trait. They have nothing to do with fashion – but everything with style.

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Chers amis.

We have today decided to do what we can to help limit the spread of Covid-19.
The store on Skånegatan 81 is therefore temporarily CLOSED from Wednesday, March 18.

But the WEBSHOP stays OPEN – and there are plenty of new items from new (or rather, old) producers in France.

Questions? DM or mail [email protected]
Take care and see you soon!

Allons enfants!

France has a long tradition of worker’s wear – maybe the best one. And no wonder. French workers, craftsmen and farmers have, famously, no problems with making demands.

That’s why the jackets have re-inforced lining, for carrying nails and screws without them poking through. The shirts are so tightly woven that welding sparks just bounce off. And the striped wool sweaters have extra tight cuffs to prevent the arms from gliding up when you’re gathering in the fishing nets.

As a happy bonus you get durable, no-nonsense, beautiful clothes which have long since stepped out of seasonal fashion – because they never stepped into it.