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L’Usine Bleue handpicks classic French worker’s wear.

Functional, wearable, durable, timeless, beautiful, all made in France on machines older than you are.
With clothes that last for 25 years, we may not see you in our store very often. But that’s a risk we gladly take.

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Sorry non Swedish work-wear lovers, we ship only to Sweden, rest of Europe will soon follow .

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Le Laboureur
Original Craftsman’s jacket

This jacket in heavy, broad and very durable cotton corduroy was originally constructed for carpenters, brick layers, metal workers and other craftsmen to stay warm when working outdoors. Pockets have re-inforced lining to keep sharp objects from poking through, in case you want to bring screws and nails somewhere.

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Original Guernsey
fisherman’s sweater

For generations, the Guernsey wool sweater has kept its fishermen warm on the North Sea. It is made from 100% tightly woven worsted wool – a slick wool which keeps out the wind and rain. Every sweater is finished by hand and signed by the knitter. The traditional design is unisex, has a stand-up half collar and no defined front or back – according to legend for making the sweater easy to put on in the dark.

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